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54-0804, Simeon, Los Angeles, CA, 40 min

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L-1 ...So that I know that my part of the service will not be a failure, it'll... God's Word will not return void, I'll read some of His Word. The 25th verse, we read this:
...Behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon;... the same... was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel:...
...It was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he would not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
[Luke 2:25-26]
May the Lord add His blessing to the reading of His Word.
L-2 Now, we want to take our subject, just for a very few moments. Last evening, I got away from myself and started preaching, because was, very lovely Spirit there, and we was just having a glorious time. When seeing these Jews return back to Jerusalem, it reminds me that it isn't going to be but a few weeks now, that I'm going that way, the Lord willing. I have a vision, here, I want to give to you tomorrow night concerning what will happen when I get there. You write it down in the back of your Bible (and find out whether it's that way or not; see if--see if it comes out that way), on a sheet of paper, or something.
L-3 Brother Jaggers, many of the rest of them, is going to be in Palestine, along about Christmastime, for a broadcast. I been invited to be there, and by God's grace and help, I'll be there at that time to help out in this great crusade for Christ. I'm going over there, not knowing when I'll come back. I have no set time. I'm just going to stay till He says, "it's over," and then come back.
You've had a part in this, each one of you that give in a love offering for... missionary offering for me to go over. I'll assure you, friends, that that's what it'll be spent for. If there's a penny left over, I can buy a dinner for a little child for two cents. I'll feed those hungry people with everything that I have left over. I'm sure you couldn't put your money to any better thing. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.
L-4 I'm a poor man. You know my meetings; it isn't a money affair, anyone knows that. And I--I've kept it free from that, and I aim to keep it that way, always. It's the heart of the... in my heart, it's to help someone else. The greatest blessing there is, is to give. It's greater to give than it is to receive.
If I could afford to have meetings, and so forth, without even having a penny offering, I'd do it; but I can't. I just live merely on the alms of the people. You know that. You know where I live, and you know all about it. It's, it can be investigated any time. Sometimes I get down to, not even as much as, fifty cents left in the bank, from one meeting to another. Sometimes way overdrawed, but in that, I'm trying to help others.
After all, if this earth is all I had to look forward to, I'd look for earthly things. But I have set my affections on things above, where God sits at the right hand. And someday I'll have to answer before Him for my stewardship. And as His people has given, I want to give it out as freely as it was given to me, for His glory. God bless you.
L-5 Shall we pray.
Father, I pray that You'll bless these few Words that's been read from Your Bible tonight. Bless all the songs and the services that's been. And now, as we're fixing to pray for the sick in a few moments, may Thy Holy Spirit, as it was, spread forth the great, mighty wings across this building, and may the distilled dewdrops of mercy and healing drop upon every person this night. For we ask it, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Just merely coming here out of the room of prayer, coming here without speaking a word, walking right in, shaking hands with Brother Jaggers, and moving to the platform, it'll take me just moment to speak. I kind of get the adjustment of the feeling of the people that's in the--in the building. If you'll pardon me, just a moment, for that purpose. God bless you.
L-6 Now, I'm going to talk about Simeon. Simeon was a--an old sage that lived in the day just before the coming of the Lord Jesus the first time. And God has never left Hisself without a witness. God has always had somebody in this earth He could put His finger on. He's come down almost to one person, but He's always had someone that He could put His finger on, and say, "This is My servant." And in that time, why, He had a few left.
Israel had been broken up and backslidden and gone out, and God had punished them. They was under the Roman Empire at this time, and Jerusalem was controlled by the Romans. And it was a very sad time for the Jews, just before the coming of the Lord Jesus the first time.
But He had a remnant of people that was looking for something to happen; no matter how many days had passed, how many ages had passed, they were still looking for the consolation of Israel. Such as, there was Ann in the temple, the blind prophetess; there was Simeon, the old sage, he was watching for the coming of the Lord; John the Baptist was watching for Him; and many of the others that was, or the remnant, rather, was watching for Him to come; Zechariah and Elisabeth, and they were watching for Him to come.
L-7 And this old man with a great prestige, the Holy Spirit was upon him. And the Holy Spirit told him one day, "Simeon, you're not going to see death before you see the Christ." And he had a good reason to believe it. If the Holy Spirit has said so, it's going to be that way; just whatever God says, that's right. Now, I can imagine Simeon going around over the country, saying, "You know, I'm not going to die till I see the Christ."
Now, you can imagine what people would think. They'd say, "Well, that poor old fellow has... something has went wrong with his mental faculties. See? He isn't right because, why, look, David looked for Him, and the prophets looked for Him. And here we're in the worst condition we was ever in, great captivity, and everything. And how is he going to see the Christ? And here he is eighty years old or better now, one foot in the grave; and yet, he goes around saying that. He must have got worked up in an illusion somewhere."
And most always, when people really trust God, they think they're--they're worked up in some kind of an illusion, or some fanaticism, or something.
L-8 Just like Hannah was at the temple that day. She come in, she didn't go up to the temple to see how the women wore their hats. She didn't want to talk about who built the new home, what kind of a clothes would be the fashion for the next year. She made a beeline for the temple and right for the altar. She fell down there and prayed till even the priest thought she was drunk. She wasn't drunk; she was misunderstood.
And that's the way with a many people today: they're not drunk or crazy, they're misunderstood, that's, they're just misunderstood. When you get into the spiritual things... the worldly things... why, they seem carnal, the spiritual things, to the worldly mind.
L-9 And so Simeon was that type of a person. But no matter what people said about him, he still believed he was going to see the Christ, because the Holy Ghost told him so. Now, that's a good way.
If the Holy Ghost tells you anything, you just believe you're going to get it, and you're going to get it. No matter how long it takes, He's sure to bring it. He's just got to, because He said He would do it.
And I can just imagine the old fellow going around, testifying, and telling the people that he wasn't going to die now, till he saw the Christ. And he was expecting it.
L-10 And if you're expecting something tonight, you'll get what you expect. That's right.
If the... If you come, say, "You know, I don't believe in them Full Gospel meetings. I know there's something wrong with them. I'm going down, I believe I'll find it." Don't worry, the devil will show you, uh-hum, yeah, you'll--you'll see plenty wrong. You'll say, "Well, this fellow oughtn't to have shouted. This man oughtn't to have spoke with tongues. The preacher oughtn't to have said what he did. They didn't dress right." He will just show you plenty to criticize. If you come expecting to criticize, he'll show you.
But if you come expecting to be blessed, God will see to it. You'll get what you expect. If you're expecting to be healed tonight, you'll go home well. That's just right. If you're expecting it. But first you've got to be under expectations. You've got to believe it.
That's the reason no one seen the Star, in the days that it lead the wise men, but the wise men: because they was expecting to see it. They was watching for that Star of... to rise. And the prophet Baalam said that there'd be a Star of Jacob rise. And they were wise men, astrologers and so forth, and they--they watched for that Star. And they was watching for it, that's the reason they seen it.
If you're watching to see the coming of the Lord, no doubt, but what, you'll see it. I believe if you're watching and believing, tonight, that God is going to heal you, you'll get it. And that, whatever you ask, God will give it to you, if you'll just don't have one shadow of doubt, but believe it.
L-11 And now, I can imagine this in Jerusalem: The Baby was borned on the hills of Judaea; poor, borned in a manger; and out there with some shepherds. Now, He didn't go down and tell all the high priests that, or, the Angels didn't visit the church, the great organization of that day, and say, "Now, we brought Christ, the Saviour." It visit those poor, humble shepherds out on the hillside. And at... and the very peasants, and poorest of people, there was the Angels sing to them, and said, "Today, in the city of David, is born Christ the King."
And we notice also, in that day, there wasn't a press like we have today, telephone, television, and so forth, to send news. It was just from lip to ear. It perhaps hadn't got around up into Jerusalem yet, that the Baby had been born, or, Christ had been born, rather.
L-12 But, let's take and say it's--it's Monday morning at the temple. There were probably two million Jews, or more, in Jerusalem at that time, or, around in Palestine. Perhaps, maybe there'd be at least a hundred and fifty, or two hundred babies born every night, little male children that had to be circumcised on the eighth day. And they had to offer an offering for purification. Well, let's say it's Monday morning, for a little drama here just a moment, while we're winding up. Monday morning, the activity of the--of the temple is great, and people are coming and going, rushing back and forth, and sacrificing, and so forth.
Let's imagine our friend, Simeon, the one that had the promise of the Holy Spirit that he was going to see the Christ. I'd imagine he, as he got a little older, he begin to wonder, "Well, God, You promised it to me, I believe I'll see it." He was hungering and thirsting to see it. There was Something inside of him that told him he was going to see the Christ. The Holy Spirit kept bearing witness.
L-13 As David said, "The deep calls to the deep at the noise of the waterspout." When the deep's calling to the deep, there's got to be a deep to respond to the call. Did you know that? If there's something inside here calling for something, there's got to be something to respond to that call. [Psalms 42:7]
I have oftentimes said, in speaking on this: "Before there was a fin on a fish's back, there had to be a water, first, for him to swim in, or he would never had the fin." That's right. Before there was a tree to grow in the earth, there had to be an earth for it to grow in, or there'd never been a tree.
And here some time ago, a few years ago, I was reading where a little baby eat the rubbers off of a pencil, the erasers, eat the pedal off of a bicycle, eat all the rubber he could find. And they took him to the doctor, and they took him down to the laboratory, and examined him. Come to find out, his little body needed sulfur. Sulfur is in rubber. See, if there was something in here calling for sulfur, there's got to be a sulfur to respond to that call. If there's...
L-14 Here a few years ago, after the first reformation, the people begin to hunger and thirst, after the church settled down into the Anglican Church, after the reformation of Martin Luther, and they begin to hunger for God, just more of God, than justification.
God raised up a man called John Wesley, preached sanctification. If they believed there was sanctification, if it was in the Word, they believed it and they received sanctification.
Then when they, Methodists, begin to cool off, the people still hungered for God. He raised up Pentecost, and they give them the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Now, Pentecost is cooling off. God is moving on though, just the same. See? Because the people are still hungering and thirsting for signs and wonders and God.
And as sure as you're hungering for more of God, there's bound to be more of God to respond to that call. Just exactly. When you're hungering, it's got to be there.
L-15 And now, Simeon was hungering to see the Holy Spirit fulfill His promise. I can see he's back in the prayer room, in the great, huge temple there, that morning, and the people coming and going. Let's imagine seeing our--our man tonight we're speaking of, Simeon, setting back in the room, reading the Book of Isaiah, the scroll, as they had them in them days: "All we like sheep have gone astray; the Lord laid upon Him the iniquity of us all," and so forth. [Luke 2:25-30], [Isaiah 53:6]
L-16 Now, let's look out in the temple and see what's going on. I see the people coming and going. Simeon in the inside, reading. Back over there, I see a long line of women, about two hundred women, with their little children standing along there, to be circumcised that morning. They were... had the offering for that: if it was a rich baby, could offer a lamb; if it was a poor baby, could offer a couple little turtle doves.
Way down along the line, I see a little woman standing down there, young, not over, about, eighteen years old, with a little veil down over her face, holding a... very ruly dressed, and with the little Baby in her arms, wrapped in swaddling's cloth, and she's looking at Him.
I can hear some of the women say, "You know, you know who she is? There she... That's that woman that had that baby without being married, that's who it is." All that dark name, she had to stand. The people kept their distance from her.
Reminds me of people today, trying to keep their distance from the Holy Spirit, from the Church of the living God: "Look at them. They're holy-rollers. Stay back from them." That's all right, Mary knew Who that Baby belonged to. And every man that's born again knows where he belongs, too. Don't care how much the world says it's fanaticism, every believer knows, in his heart, where he stands. You can call him anything you want to, that doesn't bother him. He knows where he stands in the Kingdom of God.
L-17 Now, and I can see them keep their distance, saying, "Look at that, there she is." But she never noticed, she kept cooing with the little Baby and going on. And the women going on with their fine needlework over their little baby. And the Prince of Glory wrapped in swaddling's cloth. That's what they take off the yoke of a ox, I'm told, and wrapped the Baby. They was so poor, nothing... they had nothing for the Baby when It was born. Yet, the--the Creator of all things laid in that woman's arms that morning without even a gown to put on.
Oh, my, who are we then? What are we, here in this world? When the Saviour of Heaven come down, and was born in a manager, come in the way of a stable door, and went out through capital punishment, and we complain. My, we ought to be ashamed of ourself.
L-18 And then, as I see him standing there, but now the Holy Spirit is in the building. My, I can see the Holy Spirit strike Simeon. If the Saviour is in the building, and the Holy Spirit has promised Simeon that he would see Him before he died, the Holy Spirit is under obligation to bring Simeon in contact with Jesus. That's right. He's promised him. That's right. So, I can see Simeon reading the Scroll. Directly, I can hear him say, "Well, I wonder Who that was? When will it be?"
And about that time, the Holy Spirit said, "Stand on your feet, Simeon." You believe men, or, children of God are led by the Spirit of God? They certainly are. They still are. I can hear Him say, "Stand up, Simeon, start walking."
"Where You want me to go, Lord?"
"That's nothing to you now, Simeon, you just keep walking." That's the way, obedience is best.
I can see that old sage coming, with tears dripping off his cheeks, not knowing where he was going. Here he come, walking out among the people. He doesn't know where he's going. He's led by the Holy Ghost. Something in his heart pumping hard, "I don't know what's going to happen, but something's fixing to happen." Down through the building he went, right down along that line of where all them little women was, and he stopped right in front of that little woman, was so disgraced; picked the Baby out of her arms, and tears running down his cheeks, he said, "Lord, now let Thy servant depart in peace, according to Your will, for... Your Word: for my eyes have seen Your Salvation." How did he know it? He was promised it. He was believing he would see it. That's right.
L-19 Way over in a corner, an old woman, blind, we're taught, by the name of Ann, she was a prophetess, Spirit-filled. She did look for the coming of the Lord. The Holy Spirit struck her, here come that old blind prophetess, coming through the people, led by the Holy Ghost, moving around among the people. And she come right straight to where the Baby was, lifted up her hands, and blessed God. The Holy Ghost leading a blind woman to Him. My! Sons and daughters of God are still led by the Spirit of God. That's right.
L-20 You sick people here, tonight, believe in Divine healing. Do you? Well, what led you here tonight? Because God gave a promise, the Holy Spirit has led you here where there's a Fountain open, free for whosoever will, let him come. The same Holy Ghost that led Simeon, led you, because He's give it in His Word as a promise. Amen. We are led by the Holy Spirit.
God gave the promise in here that He'd pour out His gifts in the last days. He would restore His church back to the beauty. When they see Him standing as Alpha and Omega; to look upon as Jasper and Sardius stone; the First, the Last; He which was, which is, and shall come; the Root and Offspring of David; the Morning Star; the Rose of Sharon; the Lily of the Valley: when they seen Him what He was then, they're looking for Him, in this day. The prophet said, "It'll be Light in the evening time."
L-21 In the oriental countries is where the Gospel was brought first, to the Jews, It's an oriental Book. And on the oriental people, the Holy Ghost fell, and now He said there'd be a day that wouldn't be either day or night. We're living in that time. We've lived through it. That's right. It's a day where it ain't dark, people believe in salvation, they believe God, but all the great Light of God has been hid through a mist through all these days.
And now, the Son's traveled on across till It's hit the western people over here. And He said, "It'll be Light in the evening." The clouds is brushed back. The same Holy Ghost that fell on the orients in the beginning is falling in the western hemisphere, today, upon the Gentiles, giving them the same Holy Ghost, with the same signs, same wonders, and everything in the last days, just like He did that. For the prophet said, "It'll be Light in the evening time."
The clouds of myth and--and all this here churchanity, and joining church, and church, and church, and my church, and your church, and this church: them days is fading out, and God is pouring the Holy Ghost out upon a people, giving Light in the evening time. And the... It's set. People are coming to the Kingdom, day by day, on a march.
L-22 Oh, I'm so happy tonight, to know that the same Holy Ghost that give the promise to Simeon, give you the promise of healing, has brought you to the Fountain tonight. This whole building is a fountain where the Holy Spirit is moving down upon every individual, right now, in here, with an open heart, and could heal everybody right now, only by believing. That's the only thing that God asks you to do. The Lord bless you, and, excuse me for taking so much time.
L-23 Shall we pray.
Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, Thy loving Son, I pray that--that this great Light... yet, the clouds of formality is drifting away, the Holy Spirit is shining the same kind of a Light, here in the last few years, in this United States, and other parts of this western world. And now, they're taking the same Message back to join with the east again. O Lord, let the Son shine on every soul. Let every person realize that all this day of denomination we've lived through has been cloudy, in-and-out, up-and-down, isms, and so forth, but, "It'll be Light," said the prophet, "in the evening."
Now, we're looking for You to do the exceedingly abundantly tonight. Throw forth Your great power, Lord. Show Your resurrection to us, and bless the people that's in here tonight. Get glory out of the service. Hide Your servant, and circumcise the lips of the speaker, the ears of the hearer, and may every heart be filled.
And when we leave tonight, may we say, like those from Emmaus, "Did not our hearts burn within us, because the peculiar thing that our Lord did." We ask, in His Name. Amen.
L-24 I don't know why I get talking like that. I just... I--I just like to. And it's... Setting here with this bank of ministers here, all Spirit-filled, setting that way, and I'm standing in the middle of it.
Hmm, what could happen? Anything could happen. And here is all it takes, friend.
If there was one thing I could do. I'm--I'm not much speaker; the speakers are here on the platform. I'm here to pray for the sick with a--a gift.
And whenever you see the ministry preaching the Word so plainly, you see God coming down and confirming that Word, what do you wait on? Why tarry?
Then it's time to rise, and say, "Yes, Lord," with a firm, solid faith, "my faith looks up to Thee. I believe You. I'll stay with You, Lord. You're the Pilot of my ship; take me through, Lord. I've come to go through with You. No matter what the cost is, what the price is, what the distance is, I'll sail this ship with You."
God grant it tonight, through Jesus' Name.
L-25 Now, it's almost time to close the auditorium, I suppose. We take up so much time speaking. But, oh, I don't know, we just love you, and that's the reason we do it.
Where's Billy Paul? What cards... Did they give out any cards? K, fifty to one hundred. All right, let's start from seventy-five, on that, then. K, seventy-five. Who's got K, seventy-five, the card? All right, seventy-six? Come on up to a hundred; that'd give us twenty-five to begin with.
(I believe that's about as many... Can we stand that many? Let's make about fifteen, first, or, what about that?)
All right. K, seventy-five to ninety for a... we'll call from there then. All right. And then we'll see how much more we can get in. All right. Would you stand? If those who cannot stand, just call an usher and they'll--and they'll help you, if you will.
All right, if the organist will give us that lovely song, Only Believe, again, I'll appreciate it very much. And--and let's all kind of sing it together, hum it, or some way, Only Believe. All right. (Who is the song leader here?)
..-ly believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only... (Seventy-five to a hundred.)
L-26 The Lord bless you. Now, I want you to look this way, and give me your undivided attention just for a moment, if you will.
Let's imagine tonight, now... Now, we know you have your tomorrow's activities, if it comes. If it doesn't, we'll be in Glory together, so that'll settle it. Let's just say tonight, well, we got tonight and tomorrow night in this beautiful Shriner Auditorium.
Let's say tonight's the night we're going to be healed: "Tonight I'm, Lord, I'm just pulling down the shades of all my--my unbelief. I am not going to disbelieve anymore. I'm going to shut myself off, to look upward tonight. I ain't going to notice who's setting around me. I'm going to look upward. I'm going to look for You, Lord Jesus. I'm going to believe You, that You're going to come and do that which You said that You would do. Now, what am I going to look for, Lord? You said You raised from the dead and You're alive for evermore." Is that Scripture? Alive for evermore, not dead, alive for evermore. "And the Scripture teaches that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now, Father, I realize that You promised Your church that the things that You do, they would do also. Now what did You do when You were here on earth, according to the reading of the Bible? Well, You didn't claim to be a great person."
L-27 But there is one thing phenomenal about Him: He said, "I only do as the Father shows Me: I see a vision, the Father shows Me what to do, then I do that."
A woman came to Him, she had kind of a ill fame. He didn't know it, perhaps, at first. He went to talking to her, and after He talked to her awhile, He said, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I have no husband." She...
He said, "No, you had five." That astonished her.
And she said, "I perceive that You're a prophet. We know that Messiah is coming."
He said, "I am He." So, she run into the city and begin to tell what had happened, caused the city to receive Christ.
And Philip went down there and had a great revival because Jesus passed that way.
We'll have a great revival if we'll just let Him pass this way.
L-28 We see other times: We see He knowed where there was someone had a--a fish that had a coin in its mouth. He knowed where some mules were standing, hitched, at two ways. Is that Scripture?
There was a man came to Him, one time, by the name of Simon. Jesus knew his name. He said, "Your name's Simon, but you'll be called Peter from henceforth."
There was Philip come to Him, and went and found Nathanael, and Nathanael come. He said, "You're a good man, a truthful, honest man. Behold an Israelite, in whom is no guile!"
He said, "Rabbi, when did You know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree." Uh-huh.
He said, "Thou art the Son of God; You're the King of Israel."
L-29 But today is a cold and indifferent world, the ministers of the land has taught people against those things. Today, they say, "It's mental telepathy, it's the devil." Well, they did the same thing in that day. They said Jesus was the best of all the fortunetellers; He was "Beelzebub." But He was the Son of God, in disguisement, they didn't know Him. They'd open their eyes...
91 He said, "You have eyes, you can't see; ears, but can't hear. Isaiah spoke of it, and said those things would be, that it would be just like that."
L-30 Now, I'm going to ask you one thing tonight, if you will. I want you to be just as reverent and quiet. And now, the brethren will watch me and see...
(Did all you... the twen-... the... how many people we call? Fifteen. All right. Is there room for some more? Is there? What say? All right.)
All right. Now, I want to ask you something, Christian friend: How many out there in this aisle, anywhere, anywhere here that's sick, and you do not have a prayer card, you couldn't get up here on the place, 'cause you haven't got a prayer card? Raise up your hand, say, "I'd like for God to heal me, tonight." Anywhere in the building, I don't care where you are, just raise up your hand. All right. Now, you look this way and believe and pray.
L-31 Now, there's no need of trying to explain it. Our Lord Jesus looked out upon His audience, He said to a woman that had a blood issue, "Your faith has healed you." He said to a blind man standing way over in the audience, "Thy faith has saved thee." See. He turned around and looked to the audience, perceived their thoughts. Is that right? He perceived their thoughts, what they were thinking about. Now, you start praying, and may the Lord Jesus come now and help me.
Grant it, Lord, for Your glory, I ask, in Christ's Name. Amen.
L-32 Now, the Holy Spirit is here. Now, brethren, you behind me, of course this is very hard when spirits, coming from both ways. So, now, be in prayer for me, everywhere. You realize I'm standing here before critics? You... Just as soon as this anointing strikes, you can feel it, spots coming from place to place, you see. And it's kind of hard, but you pray now; build a wall of faith.
All right, brother, bring the--the lady. The patients coming in the line, you who are lined up there, or anywhere in the building, don't never come in this prayer line unless you believe. Because remember, you'll be worse than ever. The Bible said, "Go ye, and..." what no more? [The congregation says, "Sin."--Ed.] What is sin? "Unbelief." "Go and disbelieve no more, or a worse thing come upon you." See. So you mustn't disbelieve.
Now, lying, stealing, drinking, gambling: that's not sin, that's the attributes of sin. You do that because you don't believe. If you believe, you wouldn't do such things. See, it's the attribute.
These people are strangers to me, as far as I know. My home is in Indiana. These people are total strangers, far as I know. There's no one in the building that I would know, in the audience at this time; just a very few on the platform that I recognize. Brother Brown, Brother Moore, and some of these brethren setting right here. Almighty God knows that's true, Who I stand before, but He knows every one of you. Pray and believe.
L-33 I want to talk to the woman just a little bit, just in order that the Holy Spirit would have the right of way in this meeting. Now, the first thing, my sister, I want to ask you a question. Now, perhaps, what if the Lord Jesus was here, wearing this suit that He gave me? Now, if you'd say, "Well, I'm sick. I need healing."
Well, if... He'd say, "I did that for you nineteen hundred years ago. Don't you believe it?" See? He couldn't heal you because He's already did that. If you'd say, "I'm a sinner. I need salvation." He couldn't save you now, He's already did it. You have to accept it, then it's yours. See.
L-34 Now, see, if faith cometh by hearing and of the Word, then God has set in the church different gifts, and set the church in order. Isn't that right?
Now, I'm talking to you for a purpose, of course. Right. The same purpose that Jesus Christ talked to the woman at the well about, see: contacting your spirit and soul. That's right. And I want you to believe with all your heart, and believe that Jesus Christ is here to do that which, that we have asked Him to do. You believe that with all your heart? If God will let me know, knowing that we're strangers to each other, if God will let me know what your trouble is, would you accept whatever you're after then, believing it?
If--if we're strangers, raise your hands up so the... We've never seen each other in our--in our lives? This is... Or--or never come in contact with each other, no way at all, just standing here. Now, do you believe, now, that God is going to help you?
L-35 Now, you are--you are suffering. There's something that somebody's looking backwards. You got your head back. It's a--it's a--a tumor. And the tumor is in the nose. That's right, isn't it? Come here. What do you think? What do you accept it was, that let me know what was your trouble? Do you believe it to be Jesus Christ? [The sister says, "Yes, I do."--Ed.]
Then Father, I have did that what You said for me to do. I have committed all that You told me. You have confirmed what You told me, You would do. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I ask the enemy to leave this sister, not only ask him, but command that he goes because Jesus Christ gave the authority:
Come out of the woman!
In Jesus' Name, Amen.
All right, sister, go, rejoicing, happy, be well now. All right.
L-36 Come believing. Come having faith. You should have faith right now, just with all your heart you must believe. You must believe that He is, and a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Now, be just as reverent as you can.
Now, lady, I want you to come here just a moment. I want you to just believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died and rose again, which you are a Christian. I see that now, a Spirit-filled Christian. All right. How I knew that, is because of the feeling of your spirit, see, that you are. Now, there's something that you're here for. You believe me to be His servant? You believe that God sent me to do these things? You do. Now, what is the matter with you, you're lacking something in your body. It's a calcium for bone. You've had an accident. You fell and you broke your arm and it won't heal. That's right. You believe Jesus Christ is going to heal you now?
Father God, in the Name of Jesus, let the missing elements of this woman's body be restored as I lay hands upon her. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, ask for her healing. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go rejoicing.
L-37 The colored lady, setting right back there, suffering with sinus trouble, you want to be healed, lady, at this time? Setting right there, looking at... Yes, do you believe that God heals? Stand up on your feet. The lady right here, glasses on, stand up just to your feet. He healed you there. God bless you. Now, you can go home. You had sinus trouble. It's left you now. God bless you, you're healed.
Have faith in God. Only believe; believe that God can, and will. All right.
Would you bring the lady? The Lord bless you, sister. Now, of course, speaking just... Usually I try to see what's wrong with the person; and as soon as the Holy Spirit shows me, I commit it and let it go at that; but more you talk to people, more you know of them. It just keeps... But then it weakens me so to see a vision.
A woman standing here on crutches, certainly we see what's wrong with her. She's on crutches, but there might be something else behind that. I don't know. Why is she on crutches? I couldn't tell you. God knows, doesn't He? Now, you be reverent. Let me talk to the woman a moment.
L-38 Sister, as His servant, I just want to speak these words to you, in order for a contact. And you realize that there's something already going on because it--it's the Holy Spirit. You're--you're aware that there's some strange Something moving. Is that right? Shake your head if it is. That's right. See?
Did you see that picture of the Angel of the Lord they're, have here in the meeting? This was... They had it on these little papers. I believe they sell them here, you see. It should be at the platform. But, however, that's what you feel now.
Between you and I, it's becoming milky. We're perfect strangers to each other. I've never seen you in my life. You've never seen me. We're perfect, total strangers. But, God knows you. He knows me. If I could heal you, or take your crutches, or is, ever what it was, and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. I can't do it, lady. There's nothing in me, or no other man, to heal. It's in Jesus Christ and your faith. The only thing we could do is, either, preach the Word, or by some Divine gift, make your faith reach up to that place. Isn't that right? You believe that.
Now, you just look to me as God's servant. You--you've been very sick. It's a... you--you, it was, you've been prayed for before. It was some kind of a hemorrhages, or, cancer. It was a tall man, kind of wavy hair, prayed. You were healed. That was Brother Jaggers. I seen him; it was Brother Jaggers. I see him turn his back to me, here, just then. And you--you're suffering with a... Just a minute, now to the vi-... It's--it's something in your throat. It's an esophagus, in the throat here. And you're--you're on a diet of--of--of--of baby food, just eating baby food. And--and--and you have arthritis, also, that's crippling you. And, God bless you.
Let's raise our hands and thank the Lord Jesus. God bless you. Go off the platform, sister.
L-39 O, God, our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy mercies, and kindness, and Your love. And I pray that Your mercies will be upon the people, and may the power of the Lord Jesus make each and every one healed tonight.
124 May His great omnipotent blessings make this meeting the great meeting that You have desired, through Je-...

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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