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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: Is it wrong for ladies to wear ear-rings? There are some quotations in the Bible like in Judges 8:24 that proves it to be bad and a scripture like 1st Peter 3:3, and another quotation that talks about dressing modestly.


“So he said... Well, we started down a few minutes. We went to the big tent, and he said, "Brother Branham, I want you to meet my wife." Said, "She's going to be your pianist during this revival." And I said, "What?" And she had real manicured... or cut off hair, you know, with little frizzes up on it, and whole lot of that stuff on her face, and great big ear rings hanging down, and a dress that looked terrible. And I said, "Is she a saint?" He said, "Yes, sir." I said, "She looks to be like a hain't." I said, "I never seen such a thing in my life." I just had to tell him, "Brother, something's went wrong. You gag at a gnat and swallow a camel." [Life Bangor , ME 58-0519]

“Now, notice. Down there one time in Miami , there was some kind of a Duchess or something like that. Brother Bosworth said, "Brother Branham, the Duchess of something, some island, something wants to meet you." I said, "Well, who's she any more than anybody else?" See? He said, "Well, she wants to meet you. Will you wait just behind the tent?" And I said... Well, he's the manager, so there wasn't nothing I could do. And I said, "All right." When he stepped outside of the tent, there was a little old place there, a little--had roped off. And here come a woman through there with just about enough clothes on to wad a musket shotgun. She had earrings hanging plumb down like this, looked like the devil had been using her neck for a saddle and using them for stirrups. He'd rode her all over hell anyhow. That's right.” [The Resurrection Of Lazarus Erie PA 51-0729A]

“What the church needs today is a good old fashion Saint Paul 's revival, and the Bible Holy Ghost back again with men and women who live what they profess to be. Anything I hate's a hypocrite. That's right. Go along today and see people the way they do, and acting, carrying on. I was out in California a few days ago, and I went down there to a place where they was going to have me; said, "Come down and speak." And I went down there. Now, all right, get your shock proof jackets on. I was going down there and the... He said--this minister said, "Now, my--my wife is a saint, Brother Branham." I said, "I'm sure glad to know that." Said, "She plays the piano." And I walked up there, and she had on enough of this here manicure on her face, ever what you call it. And her hair was all fringed out like that. And she had fingernails on the top of hers, like that, and a great big long earrings hanging down, look like a devil been riding on her neck and going to using them for a stirrups. I looked out like that, and her eye brows way up like this. And she turned around and she said, "Are you Brother Branham?" I said, "Brother, did you say that was a saint?" Said, "Yes, Brother Branham." I said, "She looks like a hain't to me instead of a saint." 'Course she could've. I said... Oh, what we need today is a cleaning up in the church. Hallelujah. Old fashion baptism of the Holy Ghost back in the church, instead of so much of this creed and carrying on we have. Amen.” [Believest Thou This New York , NY 1-1003]

“And so when we passed through the tent that night, back in the little prayer room, here she was standing there. Oh, brother, under-dressed and over-painted, you know. Two great big earrings hanging down, looked like the stirrups for the devil, you know, the saddle setting right between her neck, and riding right down. And there she set there. And she had her a pair of glasses out, she held. I'm not making fun of the woman, but not enough clothes on to wad a good musket shotgun. And there she stood out there with these glasses on a stick like this, you know, holding it out like that. She said, "Are you Dr. Branham?" I said, "No, ma'am." She said... I said, "I'm Brother Branham." She said, "Well, I am so charmed to meet you." [I Am The Resurrection And The Life Chicago , IL 52-0810A]

“So after the preaching service that Sunday afternoon, I walked back there and she had on about enough clothes you could put in an aspirin box. And she... And here she come, she had a pair of specks out on a stick, holding it out like that. Now, you know good and well, that nobody could see through specks that far away from her, like that, holding it out like that. And here she come with her head up like that, looking through those specks, bracelets all up and down her arms and earrings hanging down like stirrups on the devil's saddle...?... started walking down through there like that, with them specks over her eyes, and she said, "Are you Dr. Branham?" I said, "No, ma'am." I said, "I'm Brother Branham." She said, "Well, Dr. Branham, I'm charmed to meet you." Had that big fat hand up like this. I grabbed it; I told her, "Get it down here so I will know you when I see you again." [The Ministry Of Christ Connersville , IN 53-0607A]

“And brother... Now, women, don't let this hurt you. See? But she was painted like I don't know what, two big earrings hanging way down like, like the devil was using her neck for a saddle and them for stirrups and setting up there with her clothes on that looked like everything. And I said, "Do you mean that's that preacher's wife?" He said, "Yes." And I said, "Is--is she a saint?" Said, "Yes" I said "She looks like a hain't to me, instead of a saint," setting there like that.” [Believest Thou This Chicago , IL 53-0906A]

“Now, you become so cultinized; you become so organized, till each one of you little petty organizations believe that, "This is now. And now, I--I belong to this. I belong to that." Oh, you poor miserable person. If that's all you've got to hang to, God be merciful to your sinful soul. The time is come when the clergyman has raised up to be some kind of actors in a skit. What's the matter today? They don't have the old fashion religion they used to have. Today you got too much Hollywood evangelism, some little sissified guy with manicured hair, and stand up to a bunch of women with earrings hanging down like the devil's stirrups, and enough paint on their face to paint a barn, and bobbed hair, and every... That used to be a sin among you Holiness people. What happened? You did run well. The Bible still says it's a sin. That's right. But oh, my, you saintly people, you bob your hair and you... Oh, you do all these things. Now, don't get angry. If it makes you sick, just take it anyhow. It'll do you good. That's right.” [The Junction Time Sturgis , MI 56-0122]

Answers provided by Brother Donny Reagan, Pastor, Happy Valley Church , TN, USA

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