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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: I would like to know, is it right for a woman to cut the end of her hair if it is breaking?


“And now, but cutting the hair, I--I--I'll tell you this. I can't--I--I ain't got no--no Scripture to say that you can cut so much of it and can't do the other. I--I haven't got no Scripture for that; I--I couldn't tell you that, sister, or brother, ever who it is. I say one thing. I wished... Now, I know my kids has done that too, Rebekah and Sarah, I seen when they cut their hair off here in front, and plait it back here in the back, and make these things across the front, like this. I--I don't, I--I... Now, not holding them. See? No, sir. To me, I wished they didn't even put a scissors on their hair at all. But when they got all long, hanging down like this, and just cut the front of it out of their eyes, little kids maybe. I--I wouldn't know whether that'd be wrong; I wouldn't think so. See? But when you get... If you can, I--for you sisters, I'd just let it the way the Lord made it. See?” [Questions And Answers 3 Jeff. IN COD 64-0830M]

(Answer provided by Brother Donny Reagan, Pastor, Happy Valley Church, TN, USA)

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