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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: What about a woman dancing in the sanctuary? I know Miriam danced before the Lord...but what about in the sanctuary?


Exodus 15:20 And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances.
About fifteen years ago tonight, I was standing on this platform there with a big chart, teaching. And there's a little Pentecostal group come from Louisville. And I never did believe in them people dancing the way they did. And there's a little lady come up here to play the piano. And they was going to play a special and beat on little thimbles on a washboard. And some of them beat on a tin can. I was a very much of a critic of it, so I thought, "What's going to happen?" And the woman come up to play the special. She got to playing. The lady got to beating on the washboard. And this little blond-headed girl jumped out here on the floor and begin to dance in the Spirit.
And me setting in the seat of the scornful, I said, "Now, I wished you would look at that." And I'd been telling my church, till they was all wondering what I was going to do about it. I kept looking at her, and I thought, "Look at that. Now, if that isn't something, making a tavern out of my church." And I was setting there, not knowing any better. I wasn't saying nothing, but in my heart I was thinking it.

So I watched her there while she was dancing. And the first thing you know, I said, "Now, wait a minute. Wonder if the lady's got any Scripture for it?" And I begin to think about the Scriptures. I said, "Where was dancing ever ordained at, the first place in the Bible?" That's right. And I thought, "What made them dance?" I seen that the children of Israel, when they crossed the Red Sea, Miriam looked back and seen all those taskmasters drowned; she picked up a tambourine and begin to dance, and beat this tambourine, and run down the shores dancing. And the daughters of Israel followed her, dancing. I thought, "That's victory."
I seen David, when his sweetheart sitting up there behind this fan, a fanning, looking at her cute little boyfriend, David, standing out there. And here come the ark, that Brother Graham talked about awhile ago, coming across the hill. When David seen it coming, he danced around and around and around. "Why," she said, "you embarrass me."
He said, "If you don't like that, watch this." And around and around and around he went again. You know what? God looked down out of heaven, and said, "David, you're a man after My own heart." That's right. And I thought, "You know, there's one thing the matter with me.
I haven't got enough victory, maybe." And I got setting there, and I got my Methodist foot patting. And the first thing you know... God, my Judge. I, 'fore I knowed what I was doing, I was out on the floor here, dancing around with that girl. That's right. Then I said, "God, take me out of the seat of the scornful. Let me look at anything sensibly before I ever pass a judgment any more." Amen. God does things peculiar. [Ever Lasting Life And How To Receive It, Jeff IN, 54-1231]

But then, one of the main things that interests me in Forest Lawn was Michelangelo's, the great sculpture, the--the monument of Moses. It's a--a reproduction there, of course. It isn't the original. But it was such a--a great masterpiece. And as I stood and looked at it, I--I liked that, something that looks like it--represents, got something to it. I like art real well. I believe God is in art. I believe God is in music. I believe God is in nature. He... God's everywhere. And anything that's contrary to the original is a perversion. God is in dancing, not the kind of dancing you do here, but when the sons and daughters of God are in the Spirit of God (See?), that's dancing. But like I had to contend with till 2 o'clock this morning up there in the lane, that's the perversion of it. [The Masterpiece, Jeff In, 64-0705]

(We truly appreciate the help of Brother Donny Reagan in researching answers to the question above)

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