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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ Question: What is the Absolute for every true Believer?


“What the Christian needs today, in this atomic age, and this time of uncertainty, you need something besides just an experience of joining church. You need an anchor, an ABSOLUTE, that you know. Because, churches will fail, and people will fail. But Christ cannot fail. He, He's the--He's the ABSOLUTE to the believer. And if Christ is your ABSOLUTE, you're tied to Him. And if He is your ABSOLUTE, and you're tied to Him, then you're tied to the Word. Now, now, This tells whether we got the right absolute or not. See?"

“If you can read in that Scripture, something that Christ has ordained or commissioned us to do; and, because of some twisting around, if someone would tell you That was for the disciples or someone else; and then you don't hold onto That, then Christ is not your ABSOLUTE. That person who led you out of the Way is your ABSOLUTE.“

“But if that Word, Christ, still holds, see, then He's your ABSOLUTE. We mustn't let anything stir us out of the way of the Word. See?"

“Some of them, today, it's going to get more than ever, as the days go by, that we're going to see people with this, as Jesus said, "Form of godliness." And just a--a form it's coming into. We've had it in the Methodists and Baptists, and so forth, for years, and now it's creeped over into the Pentecostals. And little..."

“When God gave a man the Holy Spirit, He set him with his face towards Calvary, and the Word before him.“

“Now, little roots will rise up from off that highway, come in and wrap around and around that tree, and you think it's very innocent. But, the first thing you know, it's got such a hold on you until it pulls you the wrong way, makes you lean the wrong way.“

“And so has philosophies and things entered among us, until it's begin to pull us towards the world. You take the sharp two-edged Sword of God and cut free from everything, and stay right on that Word, 'cause That is the ULTIMATE. That's the ABSOLUTE, to every believer.“

“He was God's love, in John 3:16. Produced a body, not born after sex, under the fall. But was born by a creative power of God, that God Himself lived in this body and projected His Word out. "And God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself," making an ABSOLUTE for any believer. And He went to His grave, with a load of sin upon Him, and paid the penalty. And rose up on Easter morning, with the keys of death and hell. It's an ABSOLUTE to any man that fears death.“
“Let me say this. I don't know how many more Messages I have to preach 'fore I go. But if you're a real believer in God, and been born again, don't be scared of death. It's the best thing could happen to you, almost. Paul said, "To me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Certainly. It's... Don't never fear death. Second Thessalonians, "We're caught up with our loved ones, to meet Him in the air." What a promise! What an ABSOLUTE that it is, to believe in Christ, to have my heart say "amen" to every Word in His Book!“

“What He says, I believe It, too. That I know, that the Holy Spirit is my Compass, because It guides me to His ABSOLUTE, see, His North Star; to Him, the North Star. He is my ABSOLUTE, my Sun, my Post, my North Star. Oh, my!“

“He is so much different from others I see, always there's something pulling, some string you got to pull. But, in This here, you pull nothing. The only thing, it's brought down on you. It's the ABSOLUTE. Christ is our ABSOLUTE.“[An Absolute, Phoenix, Arizona, 63-0127]

“There's got to be somewhere that somebody's word is final. Amen. I feel real good right now. Glory! Hallelujah! There's got to be something that's final. I'm so glad of that. Oh, now, there's somebody who can say, "It's sin," or, "It's not sin." I'm so glad of that. I'm glad for an ABSOLUTE. No arguing, no need of arguing. The umpire said, "strike," that's what it is; mark it up in your mind, "it's a strike," and go on. When God says anything, that's the way it is! No need of arguing about it. That's what it is. He said so. That's the Christian's ABSOLUTE, that is if he is a Christian. God said, "Do it this way," that's the way it's got to be done. No arguing, "Well," say, "it wasn't." Nothing about it. God said so, that settles it! That's the ABSOLUTE to the real believer. Yeah.“ [An Absolute, Shreveport, Louisiana, 63-1201m]

“That's the way it is in Christian life. There is a stopping place, and there is a going place. God's Word is that ABSOLUTE. That's Christ. Yes, sir. If you...“ [An Absolute, Shreveport, Louisiana, 63-1201m]

“If the traffic signals are not on, then we got a traffic jam. And I think that's what we've got up there in the religious pentagon today; a traffic jam, of make-believers, unbelievers, and everything jammed together. You just got a traffic jam. Why? They don't have no ABSOLUTE. One say, "Well, we're... We're the absolute." The other one say, "We're the absolute.“[An Absolute, Shreveport, Louisiana, 63-1201m]

“God is the ABSOLUTE. He said, "Let every absolute, otherwise than Mine, be a lie. Mine is the Truth!" So, there is the ABSOLUTE to Christianity. That's the end of all arguments. The Bible said so, that makes It right. Yes, sir. There must be an ABSOLUTE in everything.“ [An Absolute, Shreveport, Louisiana, 63-1201m]

“Notice how that, in doing this, He coming from Him, was God, the Spirit, and that Spirit becomes upon the believer. Therefore, the Life that was in our Sacrifice, we are identified by that same Life.” [An Absolute, Shreveport, Louisiana, 63-1201m]
“Then how can they see the Life of God moving amongst the people, and call It an unclean thing, when That's our identification of our Sacrifice? "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he also." His Life returning upon the sacri-... from the Sacrifice, as we lay our hands upon It and identifying ourself dead to our own thoughts. Then how can we let denominations push us into creeds and things, and say we believe It? We are dead to those things.“ [Possessing The Gate Of The Enemy After Trial, Denham Springs, Louisiana, 64-0322]

“Paul said, "None of these things bother me," for he was tied to an ABSOLUTE, Christ. And every true achievement is tied to an ABSOLUTE, and my ABSOLUTE is the Word. And everybody else is, that's--that's really born of the Spirit, their ABSOLUTE is God's Word. I'm tied to It. I laid my hands upon It. And It took my place, and I've identified myself with Him. We knew that He promised to identify Himself with us. That brings genuine faith; not your own faith, but His faith; something that you don't control. He does it. Now notice. Then, and then only, when the... is the promise made to you.“ [Possessing The Gate Of The Enemy After Trial, Denham Springs, Louisiana, 64-0322]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington]

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