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Frequently Asked Questions about the End Time Gospel FAQ

Living Word Broadcast - End Time Gospel FAQ

Question: In what age are we in now? The Bride Age? Has the Laodaecian Age ended yet? Or are we (the Bride) in the Bride Age which is now parallel to the Laodaecian Age.
Volume 1

Question: Knowing the truth now, what should our attitude and action be towards those in denominational churches - the carnal church? Are we to totally disassociate with them seeing that "eagles gather where the fresh carcass is", "dove does not feed with the crow" and that "eagles do not walk with the chickens"?
Volume 1

Question: I am familiar with Brother Branham's message and I believe, my husband on the other hand is very skeptical and doesn't care to listen to tapes or attend a message church. We now attend a Baptist church and I need to know if that is all right since he will not go to any other. I pray for him daily that God will reveal this to his heart and raise our family in the right way.
Volume 1

Question: Today, we have so many Apocryphal and Gnostic Gospels, Dead Sea Scrolls and other lost books of Old and New Testament which were probably discarded by Council of Nicene to be included in Bible in 325 AD at the time of Roman Emperor Constantine. Are these books really written by people inspired by God or are they to be taken as historical books which enhance our understanding of the works of God. I myself read some of the books, For example, Gospel of Nicodemus tells the trial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how he delivered godly people out of hell. Can Christians trust these books? Are these books really from God which were hidden for centuries and now have been revealed in these end times?

Volume 2

Question: Could you tell me what Brother Branham said about the Mormons?
Volume 2

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